Cell Phone Use While Driving Can Cause An Accident

It’s no secret that a distracted driver is far more likely to cause a car accident than a driver who is paying attention to the road. Recent studies have shown that a driver using a cell phone is four times more likely to be in a crash than a focused driver.

The Ontario government has passed new driving laws aimed at forcing these distracted drivers to put down their phones and pay attention to the road. Drivers caught talking, texting, typing, dialing or e-mailing using a cell phone or other hand-held device are now subject to fines of up $500.

People who are injured because of a driver who is texting or talking on their cell phone have the right to sue the driver and recover compensation for pain and suffering damages, lost wages and medical expenses not covered by OHIP. Unless the other driver admits to using their cellphone, it would be wise to hire a lawyer who can help you prove that the other driver was at fault.

Filing of a lawsuit entitles you to take “discovery,” and under Rule 30 of Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure, your attorney can require the at-fault driver to produce his or her phone records. These records can help establish the at-fault driver’s negligent conduct.

If you’ve been injured in car or motorcycle accident you are entitled to Accident Benefits.


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