First Ever Concussion Legislation in Canada Goes Into Effect

Ontario has become the first province to enact legislation concerning concussions in amateur sports. This legislation, named "Rowan's Law" in honor of a 17 year old rugby player who died after sustaining multiple concussions, has 3 main parts:Concussion legislation enacted in Ontario

  • Concussion awareness resources
  • Code of conduct for sports organizations
  • Removal-from-sport protocol

Under this new law, resources sharing knowledge about concussions must be provided to anyone participating in a sport where a concussion is possible. These resources will be provided to parents and coaches as well.

In addition, a code of conduct tailored to individual sports which aims to limit dangerous behavior must be followed. If a person is suspected to have sustained a concussion during play, they will be removed from playing immediately and given proper care. Before returning to training, practice, or competition, a set process must be followed in order to ensure that the person in question can safely resume playing.

Concussions are considered a traumatic brain injury, and should be taken seriously. This law is a step towards that goal.

Why Concussion Legislation Is Important

Ontario is leading the way with this legislation, and we hope that other provinces across Canada will soon follow. Concussions are all too common across many kinds of contact sports, and all too often have been ignored so that a player can keep on playing. Concussions have been a serious issue in sports for a long time, but only recently have they been acknowledged as the dangerous injuries they are.

Students or other amateur players may not want to reveal that they had a concussion, so that they won't be taken out of the game. However, as in the case of Rowan Stringer, this can be a deadly decision. Concussion awareness is vital to prevent more cases like this.

Concussion symptoms can persist well beyond when a person is cleared to return to play. An independent study showed that changes were still occurring in the brain weeks after sustaining a concussion.

Rowan Stringer died of second impact syndrome, which is a condition where the brain swells catastrophically after being hit a second time after a first concussion. This death only highlights the importance of young players being truly recovered from a concussion and not immediately returning to a potentially dangerous situation.

Concussions can range from mild to severe, and may or may not have lasting effects. Young people who sustain a concussion or multiple concussions may develop problems with memory or concentration, and may develop mental health problems such as depression as well.

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