How to Protect Children From Dog Bites

Beware of Dog sign posted on a wooden fenceThey are man’s best friend. Loyal, compassionate, and wonderful companions, dogs have been a part of human existence for thousands of years. While many people’s dogs are just another part of the family, not every dog has the obedience and training to be social with humans, especially small children. That’s why it’s important to teach children proper etiquette when interacting with dogs to avoid any potential injury from a dog bite.

In Hamilton, and all of Ontario, if you or your child is bitten by a dog you are entitled to compensation from the owner of the dog for any medical expenses, loss of quality of life, or disfigurement. But there are certain steps you can take to help prevent an attack from happening. A few basic tips for children, and everyone, to avoid being bitten by a dog include:

  • Avoid walking up to or petting unfamiliar dogs
  • Do not run from a dog
  • Never disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating, or with its puppies
  • Always let a dog sniff you before you pet them
  • Do not yell or scream at dogs
  • Teach small children not to pull a dog’s fur

The above safety tips can help prevent a dog bite from occurring, but in the event that your child is bitten, it is advised that you seek medical assistance immediately. If the bite requires medical attention or causes significant damage, follow these steps for dog bites to have our dog bite lawyers help you get the compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog in Hamilton or in the surrounding areas, contact our experienced dog bite lawyers at 905-522-9799 for your free consultation.

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