Railway Safety

May 18, 2020

Each year there’s an alarming amount of people seriously injured or killed on Canadian railway tracks. Safety precautions need to be taken.

Approaching railroad tracks while driving you need to slow down, look both ways and turn your radio down so you can listen.

If you are walking as you approach the designated railway crossing, you also need to stop look and listen and take off any head phones so that you can listen without distraction. Do not attempt to cross the tracks until you are sure it is safe to do so.

Trains are always closer than they appear and travel extremely fast. It takes a train approximately the length of 18 football fields to come to a stop.

Never stop on the tracks or proceed through when the lights are flashing. If your vehicle stalls on the tracks exit immediately and have all passengers do the same, move a safe distance from the tracks and call for assistance DO NOT re-enter the vehicle.

While riding a bicycle, get off the bike before crossing the tracks. A tire may become stuck between the tracks or they may be slippery and cause you to fall.

Once a train has gone by it is important to look and listen again as a second train may be approaching from the same direction or from the other direction on a second set of tracks.

Items should never be placed on the tracks as they can fly up and hit someone causing serious injuries or force the train off the track also risking serious injuries.

Walking on railway tracks is not only dangerous but also trespassing. Never walk in front or behind a stopped train as you never know when it will start up again.

*Always approach a set of railway tracks expecting a train. 


You Tube Railway Safety Video


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