Sara Jones Case Manager and Lawyer-to-be

May 18, 2020

Sara Jones Lawyer

It’s hard for her to believe, but this September Sara Jones will have been a case manager at Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers for 15 years. It’s a milestone she’s marking with a bit of a career transition—Sara just finished her first year of law school.

“Coming out of school with a Kinesiology degree, law was not something that I had ever considered,” she admits. “But I really like that aspect of files and it will allow me to expand my role.” Sara currently uses her healthcare background and years of experience to ensure the medical and rehab aspects of files are given expert attention. She manages accident benefit files from start to finish and is instrumental in managing many other aspects of client files.

“People come to us at what is possibly the worst time of their lives,” Sara says. “We can offer them support and the assurance that things will get better. That’s rewarding for me and is hopefully quite beneficial for them.”

Since last summer, Sara has been commuting by bicycle two to three times a week to the Findlay offices in downtown Hamilton as well as in Brantford. “Coming from Ancaster, I watch the traffic just crawling down the hill on those mornings,” she says. “But I can ride the trails practically the whole way.”

It’s an efficient way to squeeze in some quality training, especially on the uphill trip home! Sara took up triathlon 2009, which gave her a greater appreciation for cycling both on-road and off. Her advice to other cyclists? “Whether commuting or riding for fun, wear a helmet and assume people don’t see you.”

The conversation soon turns from two-wheeled transport to four-legged friends—Sara and her husband are simply crazy about their two rescue “wiener dogs,” Jackson and Baxter.

Jackson was adopted 10 years ago from the Dachshund Rescue of North America. “I flew down to Louisiana to get him,” she recalls. “On the flight back I had him under my seat in a little pet carrier and at one point he made a break for it.” The ensuing chase caught the attention of the pilot, who asked to see her dog. “It turns out he’d bought his widowed mom a Dachshund and didn’t realize there was a rescue organization. He offered his services as a pilot to fly other dogs to new homes.”

Sara adopted Baxter, a Detroit native, through Pet Finder nine years ago. Today, the dynamic duo are going strong (and keeping Sara’s neighbourhood vermin-free).

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