What Happens at a Functional Abilities Evaluation?

A functional abilities evaluation, also known as a functional capacity evaluation, is an assessment of your physical and functional abilities. This evaluation is carried out through a series of objective and measurable tests to provide an estimate of your abilities during injury recovery. A report will be created as a result of these tests and presented to all necessary parties, including as evidence in a personal injury or long-term disability case.

Why Would You Need an FAE?

The functional abilities evaluation acts as a framework for the level of work you are able to complete after an injury relative to your state before. This test will help determine what you can do when you return to work, the risks of resuming work in your current state, and what modifications need to be made to prevent further injury.

What Can You Expect During an FAE?

As mentioned, there will be a set of different physical and functional tests. You should expect a review of your current and past medical documentation, a formal interview, and basic physical tests. You will likely receive a musculoskeletal examination followed by everyday functional tasks such as walking, lifting, pushing, and other job-specific required skills. As every case is different, the evaluation will commonly look at the requirements of your specific job to understand the gap between your abilities pre- and post-injury.

Who Will Request an FAE?

Any stakeholders involved in your injury can request an FAE to be conducted. These parties include your health insurance provider, a legal representative, an employer, or a worker's compensation board for your respective province. The test will influence your compensation and work reintegration results, making it in the best interests of everyone to properly proceed as accurately as possible.

Other Important Information

One factor to note is that treatment is not included in the assessment. The programs, however, are connected to the FAE and will usually include the help of the healthcare professionals you were previously working with as well.

Registered physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and kinesiologists are qualified to perform the FAE, typically calling for a combination of the professionals. Having this wide breadth of knowledge to examine your condition and needs will grant the best possible understanding of how you will be able to function in the workplace and what is needed.

The FAE duration depends on your specific condition but typically occurs in a one- to two-day period within a three- to six-hour timeframe. Your job requirements will determine the evaluation length, and feel free to ask beforehand for an estimate to fit your schedule. If you have questions or concerns regarding your upcoming FAE, contact us today at 905-522-9799 for a free consultation and see how the team at Findlay Personal Lawyers can help you.

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