Who Pays After An Accident In A Work Vehicle?

Multiple factors are considered to determine who is liable if you are injured in an accident while driving a company vehicle. Two important variables to look at are who was at fault and what you were doing at the time of the accident.

Work-related auto accidents can make for complicated legal cases. To secure maximum compensation for your injuries, you will likely want an experienced auto accident lawyer on your side. The knowledgeable, caring team at Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers can help you determine the best course of action to get you the benefits you deserve.

Work Vehicle Accidents and Workers’ Compensation

work vehicle accident compensation infographicWorkers’ compensation helps workers cover medical bills and lost wages due to injuries that occur while doing job-related tasks. If you were performing a work-related duty when the accident occurred, you are likely eligible for workers’ comp benefits.

Certain circumstances may disqualify you for workers’ compensation. You may not be eligible if the accident occurred when you were:

  • On your regular commute.
  • Running a personal errand.
  • Committing a crime.

When Can I File a Lawsuit after a Work Vehicle Accident?

If another driver caused the accident due to his or her negligence, you may be able to sue the driver for damages beyond your workers’ comp benefits. Workers’ comp benefits are capped and may run out before you are fully recovered. Additionally, workers’ comp does not cover the costs of pain and suffering. Particularly if you suffer a catastrophic injury, a lawsuit may be the best way to ensure you can get the care and resources you need.

Third party lawsuits must be filed within the statute of limitations. Failure to meet deadlines and file the necessary paperwork may mean that you forfeit your right to sue. The team at Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers is experienced at navigating these complex cases and can make sure your case stays on track.

Do I Need a Lawyer After an Accident in a Work Vehicle?

It can be difficult to recover damages without the assistance of a lawyer. First, managing your workers’ comp claim, a lawsuit, and your rehabilitation after an injury can be overwhelming. The last thing you need when healing from an injury is the additional stress of learning how to file a workers’ comp claim, what to do if your claim is denied, and how to file a successful lawsuit.

Second, without experience dealing with insurance companies, you may not be able to effectively negotiate a fair settlement amount. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to lowball accident victims. Our lawyers know how to fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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