Choosing a Brain Injury Lawyer


If you or a loved one has suffered a serious brain injury due to the negligence of another person, the impact can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. Brain injury victims may lose the ability to hold a job, may have serious personal disabilities that can impact their quality of life, and may require constant, ongoing care. A brain injury lawyer can help you pursue compensation for your injury so that your family will not have to bear this loss alone.

It’s important to find a brain injury lawyer you can trust to handle your case, and this page contains recommendations that can help you find the right lawyer for you. To find out how Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers can help, please call 905-522-9799 today. Our lawyers will review your case for free.


Brain injury is a specialized area in personal injury law, and it is unlikely that you know anyone who has previously been involved in such a case. If you do, ask them if they would recommend their lawyer.

Otherwise, begin with an Internet search. You will want to find a lawyer with experience handling brain injury cases. Look at the websites of lawyers and see if they seem to emphasize brain injury cases, or if it seems just another area they practice in. Most importantly, look for evidence of prior successful brain injury cases.

Narrow your search to three or four lawyers and begin calling them.


Always start conversations with lawyers by asking if they will consider taking your case. Brain injury lawyers may only take certain cases that they believe they can win. If they won’t take your case, they might know who will. If you call your first round of lawyers and don’t find any that will take your case, try again. There are many lawyers in the Hamilton area, and if your case is winnable, you will likely find one who will take it.

Next, don’t be afraid to talk about cost. Ask lawyers about their fees, and whether it will be due at the end of the case or as you go. Don’t forget to ask about expenses and how they’re handled. Also ask how much it will cost to talk to someone in person — generally this is free for personal injury cases like brain injury. If the fee arrangement seems reasonable, schedule in-office consultations.


You want to talk to the lawyer about how much experience they have with brain injury cases similar to yours. Ask for concrete examples of similar cases and how they were handled, but remember that lawyers may not be able to share all relevant details due to confidentiality conditions that often come along with settlements. Although some clients may not be able to talk about their cases, you should be able to get a few prior clients to talk to.

Make sure you talk to the lawyer about who will actually be handling your case — make sure you get to talk to that person as much as possible. You will want to know how much contact you will have with that person going forward. Ask whether you will be able to call your lawyer or will have to wait for them to call you.

Get more details about cost. Ask for estimates of the total cost, likely award, time frame, and how you will be billed. Always ensure that expenses are included in the discussion.


When it comes time to make your final selection, make sure you choose a lawyer that:

  • You feel you can trust
  • Will give you the best chance for a favorable outcome
  • Will keep you informed and let you maintain control of the case, but will handle all legal issues without you
  • Charges reasonable fees and will not overburden you with expenses

If you follow these steps, you will likely be very happy with the result of your choice.

At Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers, we encourage you to carefully consider your options when choosing a brain injury lawyer. We think if you consider us, you will see the benefits we offer over other lawyers in the Hamilton area. Please call 905-522-9799 or email us today.


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