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Slip and Fall Lawyers in Brantford

 The cold and icy weather is quickly approaching us in Brantford, Ontario. Sadly, this means some injuries can occur due to slipping and falling on ice. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure their property is maintained to ensure others' safety. If you have fallen on the ice or snow and are unsure what to do, consult with our Team at Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers. 

Injured in a slip and fall accident in this winter? Here’s how we can help. 

All property owners in Brantford, Ontario, have a legal obligation to ensure their property is maintained to ensure all visitors and guests are not harmed from a slip and fall due to ice and failure to remove snow. Removing these potential risks is an important part of keeping people safe from injury and during the cold Canadian winters, shovelling off driveways, salting down roads, and ensuring a safe pathway to the sidewalk.   

 If you or someone you know has been injured in a slip and fall in the winter, you could be eligible to file against the homeowner/property owner responsible for not maintaining the property where you fell. A lawyer at Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers will be glad to sit down with you to review your accident and advise you of your options. Call our team today.   

Slip and fall on ice? Here is What We Recommend:  

  • Seek medical attention right away.  
  • If you are able, take pictures of the area and where you fell and note the details of the events, how you fell, what parts of your body did you land on, the weather, was there snow hiding the ice?   
  • Make a note of the areas that were not adequately maintained.  
  • If there are any witnesses, obtain contact information.   
  • Contact the person who owns the property, alert them of your fall, and ask if there is any video surveillance.   
  • After seeing a doctor, follow up regarding your injuries.  
  • Ensure to keep a record of all medical bills and receipts for other expenses along with any documentation confirming any missed work.   

Lastly, avoid giving any statements to the insurance company until you have spoken with an experienced slip and fall lawyer at Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers. Slip and falls on ice cause many serious injuries that result in medical expenses for treatment, leaving people in financial situations.   

Let Findlay Law Determine Liability For your Injuries.  

Findlay Personal Injury Lawyer has been represented as a victim of a slip and falls on ice for residents of Brantford, Ontario, for years. We have hands-on experience and developed a strategic strategy to ensure the victims are rightfully compensated. When you book your consultation with our slip and fall lawyers, we will listen to your story and assess your case. If we can determine if someone is liable for your injuries, then we will take on the case and ensure that our team does everything to ensure you are fully compensated.  

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