• $4.27M

    Car Accident

    Teenager ejected from car who sustained serious brain injury.

  • $1.85M

    Bicycle Accident

    Cyclist struck by car resulting in fractures and head injury.

  • $3.1M

    Car Accident

    Woman suffering from severe chronic pain.

  • $1.2M

    Car Accident

    Man struck and dragged by car.

  • $2.25M

    Motor Vehicle Accident

    For serious injuries sustained in head on collision.

  • $975K

    Motorcycle Accident

    Couple struck by car turning left.

  • $1.2M

    Motorcycle Accident

    Motorcycle accident where rider lost control.

  • $1M


    Settlement for past benefits.

  • $750K

    Accident Benefit Settlement

    For horrific motorcycle collision.

  • $900K

    Pedestrian Accident

    Serious concussion after being struck by car.

  • $385K

    Long-Term Disability

    Settlement for past benefits and client put back on claim for ongoing benefits.

  • $850K

    Motorcycle Accident

    Passenger on a motorcycle that struck a deer.

  • $660K

    Car Accident

    Elderly woman hit head on by drunk driver.

  • $875K

    Car Accident

    Head on collision resulting in major ankle fracture and surgery with hardware.