Sara graduated from McMaster University’s faculty of Kinesiology in 1997. She began working in private health care but was introduced to Rob Findlay about a year later, and decided to consider a career in the legal field. Originally, Sara’s healthcare background was very helpful to clients needing someone who understood healthcare and rehabilitation and could advocate for their payment towards the best health recovery possible by an involved insurance company.

Over time, Sara gained a great appreciation for the work that lawyers can do to help people who are experiencing a tragedy or trauma, while being able to make the process understandable for them by weeding out the legalese.

Sara graduated from the University of London / University College of London in 2016 and was called to the bar in June 2019. She continues to use the skills and knowledge gained over her many years of helping clients, now combined with professional legal training to maximize client recovery and return to health.

Since becoming involved in law, Sara has always taken a great interest in helping people to understand how insurance and their lives intersect, and speaks on this topic regularly. She has also presented to the medical and health care community on a variety of legal issues affecting their practices.