Holding on tight: Leeann Corbeil connects Findlay to the community

Ask Leeann Corbeil what she does in her role as Director of Community Partnerships for Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers and she’ll smile. “That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?” she says. “It’s something new every day.”

She’s seen her job evolve since joining the firm in October of 2012 and, luckily, she’s a big fan of change. On any given day you’ll find her serving breakfast at St. Pat’s elementary school, replying to a post on Findlay’s Facebook page, pitching an idea to the steering committee of the Hamilton Helmet Initiative, attending a meeting of the Ticats TigerTown Council Community Engagement Committee, helping a medical secretary fill out an insurance form, pounding the pavement for silent auction donations for the Hamilton Brain Injury Association or calling the happy winner of one of Findlay’s ever-popular contests.

She’s rarely at her desk. Which is just the way Leeann likes it.

The relationships Leeann built with health professionals in her previous jobs—first as a lab tech at a family practice and later as a partner in several physiotherapy clinics—has served her well at Findlay. “I love liaising with family docs, rehab clinics and their support staff,” she says. “The free materials and educational support we offer are really unique. I see firsthand how they can help clinics serve their seriously injured patients better.”

Leeann also loves that her job lets her make a difference in her own community. Findlay is known for its generous financial support of good causes, but Leeann particularly appreciates that the firm’s commitment often goes beyond dollars. “Anyone can throw money at a problem,” she says. “We get out there and get involved, whether it’s helmet safety or child poverty.”

The community commitment is office-wide, which makes Leeann feel pretty proud. Her co-workers really stepped up before the holidays to support the three charities Findlay profiled in the most recent issue of Care magazine (CityKidz, Catholic Family Services and Neighbour 2 Neighbour Centre) as well helping with a hamper and toy drive at Six Nations. The giving continues in 2014 with “dress down Fridays” each week. The charity will change every month, Leeann says, and will be chosen by the staff. The only rule is it has to be local. “And when we say ‘local’, we mean anything from Burlington to Brantford to Niagara,” she notes.

With such an on-the-go job, it’s no surprise that Leeann needs to take five now and then. But true to her high energy style, she spends her down time practicing hot yoga, which she took up two years ago, and rock climbing, a sport she’s enjoyed since her teens. “I can never turn my mind off,” Leeann admits. “I’m one of those ‘wake-up-with-an-idea-at-2-a.m. kind of people. That’s why I love rock climbing. You can’t let your mind wander—it’s always got to be focused on what you’re doing. It’s a complete workout for every muscle of your body—and your brain.”

In closing:

Something your co-workers don’t even know about you: I have a reflexology certificate but (shhh!) I hate feet.

Superpower of choice: That’s easy. I’d love to fly.

Item on your desk you couldn’t live without: Does my cell phone count?

New Year’s resolution: I’m going to donate blood every two months. And be less of a worry wart when it comes to my kids.

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