Ways A Car Crash Differs from a Commercial Truck Crash

While car accidents and semi truck accidents may appear similar on the surface, commercial truckSemi truck accidents can be severe | Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers accidents tend to involve higher stakes and more complexity that require a highly experienced personal injury lawyer to navigate. Commercial trucks often carry higher insurance maximums due to the inherent dangers involved in driving such a heavy vehicle, but insurance companies will almost never offer you a fair settlement at first. A personal injury lawyer can help you value your claim fairly and fight for the compensation you deserve.

You only have 120 days from the date of your accident to give notice of a lawsuit, so we highly recommend contacting a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers offer free, no-obligation legal consultations, so there is no harm in giving us a call at 905-522-9799.

Here are some ways in which a car accident might differ from a truck accident.

Severe Injuries and Death

Car accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, but semi truck crashes are almost guaranteed to do so. 18 wheelers are much larger and heavier than the typical passenger vehicle, and often cause devastating injuries and even deaths when involved in an accident. In fact, approximately 98% of all tractor trailer crashes result in at least one fatality.

Catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, loss of limbs, or disfiguring burns can lead to lifelong disability, inability to work, and dramatically decreased quality of life. We can help you to recover damages for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future income ability
  • Pain and suffering

If your loved one was tragically killed in a truck accident, we can help you recover damages for funeral and burial costs as well as loss of companionship. We know that a lawsuit might be the last thing on your mind after the devastation of losing a beloved family member, but please rest assured that we will treat you with the utmost compassion and help you to both recover compensation to help with future financial stability, and help to provide closure by bringing the responsible party to justice.

More Complicated Liability

Truckers and trucking companies have rules and regulations that they need to abide by. If it's found that any of these regulations were violated, the trucking company may be found liable. In addition, commercial trucks are large and complex vehicles that require regular maintenance. If an accident occurs due to mechanical failure, the truck manufacturer or mechanic may be found liable.

Truckers themselves also need to make sure they are in good condition to drive. A big problem in the trucking industry is truck drivers who drive too long without a break, leading to accidents due to drowsy driving. If this was the case in your accident, both the trucker and the trucking company may be held liable.

Our trucking accident lawyers can investigate your accident and determine who was at fault.

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