What Happens If A Dog Bites You In Ontario?

Dogs are generally considered "man's best friend," and most pets would never bite Aggressive dogs can cause serious injury | Findlay Personal Injury Lawyerssomeone unless severely provoked. However, dogs can be unpredictable, especially if they haven't been properly trained or socialized. A dog who is an angel around its owner might turn aggressive when it encounters someone else, whether that person is the owner's close friend or a complete stranger.

Dogs often bite children, who are smaller and more vulnerable than adults. Dog bites in both children and adults can cause severe injury, mental trauma, and lasting physical scars. If you or your child was bitten by a dog, call Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers as soon as you can at 905-522-9799.

Who Is Liable In A Dog Bite Case?

In Ontario, dog owners are strictly liable for their dog's actions. If their dog bites someone, they are liable. However, in some cases compensation may be reduced if the victim was found to have provoked the dog. A personal injury lawyer can help to make sure you get the maximum compensation possible for your dog bite injuries.

Compensation in a dog bite case can include damages for:

  • Medical treatment, including prescriptions and follow-up care
  • Plastic surgery to treat severe scarring or disfiguration
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income

You can also get compensation in cases where you were not physically bitten. If you were injured while trying to escape from an attacking dog, or a dog that was clearly threatening to attack, you may still be eligible for compensation. In some cases, you can also be awarded damages for psychological trauma inflicted by a dog.

Dog bites often cause mental suffering as well as physical injuries. Most people do not expect to be attacked by a dog, and when it happens, they may develop a fear of dogs or even PTSD. This can significantly interfere with quality of life, as dogs can be found everywhere from friends' homes to outside a café to being walked down the street in front of your house. Children especially may suffer from psychological effects that may take many years of therapy to overcome.

What Should You Do After Being Bitten By A Dog?

First, seek medical attention. Dog bites can be very serious, and may carry risk of infection as well. If you are able, or if you are with someone who was not injured in the attack, you should obtain the dog owner's information and take pictures of your injuries as well as the dog who attacked.

After being treated for your injuries, you should call Findlay Personal Injury Lawyers. We can listen to your case and let you know how much we think it is worth. The dog owner's insurance will most likely try to settle for an amount lower than the true worth of your case, which is why it's important to hire an experienced dog bite lawyer to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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