When the Dog Bites

A dog bite can be very costly for both the dog owner and the person bit by the dog.

Unlike most personal injuries, negligence does not need to be proven for the dog owner to be held responsible for costs relating to the victims injuries. Such expenses may include medical, loss of wages; decrease of quality of life and in severe attacks loss of a loved one.

The expenses are usually covered under the Home Owners Insurance so the owner of the dog may not have to pay out of pocket or attend court, they can pass everything off to their Insurance Company to handle on behalf of them. However; if negligence is proven, an owner could face up to $10, 000 in fines or up to 6 months in jail.

Dos and Don’ts:

Do keep dog on leash while walking unless in a designated Dog Park.

Do be aware of a change in dog’s behavior.

Don’t ever leave a dog unattended with a child even if they are familiar to one another, most dog attacks happen with known dogs.

Do remember that dogs don’t always need to be provoked to attack.

Don’t approach a dog that is tied up or eating.

Don’t get in between two dogs.

Do pet dogs on chest or side of neck not on the top of their head.

Do teach children to ask permission before petting a dog.

Do report all dog bites.

Do get names and contact information from dog owner if bite occurs.

Do take photos of dog bite injuries.

Do seek medical attention; dog bites can spread disease get proof of rabies vaccine from dog owner.

Do keep your dog up to date on shots and licensing.

Any dog or breed can bite. Unfortunately, if a dog bites they may be required by law to be muzzled or even put down so please provide proper training and supervision for your dog.

For further information please review the Dog Owners’ Liability Act:


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