Winter Safety Tips to Avoid Injury

Winter Safety Tips to Avoid Injury
January 25, 2023

With winter making its arrival in Ontario, it’s important to stay safe when dealing with difficult or dangerous weather conditions. Ice and snow are hazards for indoors and outdoors, and whether you are at home, driving, or out for a walk, it’s important to take extra steps to stay safe.

Injuries are prevalent during these months due to the environmental hazards not present in the warmer weather. While it may seem like extra work, you will be grateful you took the extra measures when you’re faced with a difficult situation due to poor weather conditions. This article outlines some safety tips to help avoid injuries during the winter season.

Winter Outdoor Walking

When you are out walking in the winter there are a few things to watch out for to stay safe: Wear proper clothing to keep you warm and keep your internal temperature up. Wear adequate footwear with solid tread to help avoid slips and falls. Try to stick to cleared walking paths, avoiding deep snow and ice patches. Check the weather for any upcoming changes, especially for more hazardous conditions. Plan your route beforehand to avoid any unfamiliar areas during this season. Carry a cellular device with you in case of emergencies.

Winter Home Safety

Even if you aren’t outside, there are still some aspects to be mindful of while at home. Ensure fire safety when trying to warm up indoors. Check any backup generators in case of a power outage due to a snowstorm. Keep plenty of blankets handy in case you lose indoor heating. Store an emergency kit with first aid essentials.

Even though you are indoors, your home still bears the impact of the weather and issues can occur. Completing routine checks to ensure your house is winter ready is essential to avoiding any issues over the coming months.

Winter Driving Safety

Due to hazardous driving conditions during the winter, accidents become more frequent and dangerous. Ice on the roads will cause accidents due to slipping past a stopping point, or lack of traction on your tires. Heavy snow is also a hazard as it can limit your vision, making it difficult to be aware of your surroundings and your ability to drive safely. Here are a few tips to avoid injury while driving in the winter:

  • Switch to snow tires during the winter months.
  • Carry blankets and an emergency kit in your vehicle.
  • Properly clear any snow off your vehicle before driving.
  • Address any vehicle issues or warnings indicated.
  • Always carry a cellular device in case of an emergency.
  • Use a GPS to plan your trip ahead and avoid any closures or traffic.
  • Watch out for ice patches on the road.
  • Be wary of other drivers.

Driving in the winter is something everyone experiences living in Canada. It’s important to remember safety steps to not only protect yourself, but others around you.

Have You Been Injured in a Winter Accident?

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