Burlington Long Term Disability Lawyers

Long-Term Disability Lawyers in Burlington

If you are denied from the insurance company this is when a Burlington Long-Term Disability Lawyer can help get what you deserve. Long term disability lawyers know the tactics insurance companies use to deny, or reduce the value of, your claim.

Typically, there are strict guidelines in place to determine your ongoing eligibility of LTD, what costs the insurance company will cover, how and when benefits will be paid out, as well as when benefits will start and end. If you choose not to comply with the insurance company’s guidelines this will result in your claim being denied or lead to unnecessary delays.

If you've been denied your LTD claim, or have had your LTD cancelled/terminated suddenly, talk to one of our Burlington lawyers for free and see if you have a case. Simply call, click, or chat; lawyers are standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call our Burlington office at (905) 522-9799.

LTD Medical Records

Your medical records are vital evidence supporting your LTD claim.  It is recommended that you follow your physician's recommendations. This means attending all needed appointments, taking all medications prescribed to you, limiting your physical activity (if that's what your doctor recommends), avoiding all illegal drugs, as well as eliminating or limiting your alcohol consumption.

If you don't follow the advice given by your doctor, the insurance company will argue that your actions are stopping you from getting better, and will deny your claim. If you are unable to afford your medical care during your LTD claim, we can assist in exploring areas of financial assistance while we're working on your legal case.

Receiving LTD Benefits

Your benefits are often calculated by the average of your income, and insurers will cover between 60 and 80 percent of your employment income. However, if you earn income by overtime, commission, or bonuses, you should be contacting a Burlington long term disability lawyer who will assist in getting a fair estimate of your total earnings.

Your Insurance Provider

The insurance provider you work with can make the difference in how you approach an appeal for long-term disability denial. Check out our guides on how to deal with your respective provider and how we can help.

Talk to a Burlington Long Term Disability Lawyer

As we know, insurance companies don’t like to give out top dollar and will often reduce your claim. Insurance companies are known for trying a number of tactics to reduce the total value of your claim. Even if your claim seems simple and straightforward, insurance companies will try to deny or disagree with your claim. If you receive a denial from your insurance company, it is in your best interest to review your case with an experienced and qualified Burlington LTD lawyer to reinstate your claim.

What to do if your long term disability claim is denied

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